title year location type
Wholeness Engine 2016 Jupiter Woods book
Wholeness Engine 2016 Jupiter Woods solo exh
The sphere whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere | Portland 2016 Biennial 2016 Muscle Beach | Disjecta  
To heal a healing machine 2016 Parantola, Titanik w/Mikko Kuorinki, group exh
Unveiling (you embrace me, as I am) 2016 Jupiter Woods group exh
Holding a cup on a boar 2016 RONGWRONG two-person exh w/Morgan Ritter
Zero Day | Six Weeks 2016 Henry Art Gallery group exhibition
The Blind Remembrance of the Swirling Bone 2015 Ditch Projects/Artspeak artist's book
The Condition of the Waters 2015 Ditch Projects solo exhibition
[ ] 2015 Artspeak solo exhibition
Peripheral Array 2015 S1 two-person exh w/Mikko Kuorinki
EIGHTS No. Two 2015 EIGHTS journal
The Sentinel 2014 PDX Contemporary Art window project
reading the world/writing the world 2014 The Riso Book, Portland (Colpa Press, San Francisco) visual poem
Fugue 2014 Disjecta 4-voice fugue/digital print
INFINITY INCREASER 2014 Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA) exh part of TBA Festival/artist's book
The Plumb and The Wave 2014 Pied-à-terre solo exhibition and publication
Practical Applications: Preliminary Research in The Development of a Protocol for Invisibility 2014 MK Gallery/commissioned by Scott Mason a fiction
EIGHTS No. One 2013 EIGHTS journal
Prototyping Eutopias 2013 Littman Gallery publication/performance
The Book of Knots 2013 c_L Books book (poems)
Appendix Appendix 2013 Appendix Project Space/Container Corps essay
An Attempt at Exhausting a Place 2013 Hedreen Gallery artist's book
A Reading 2012 Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA) artist's book
White Mountain 2012 Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA) Reading Room Residency
ἐπί ἡμέρα 2012 White Box installation/8-hour performance
Sentences on Sentences on Paragraphs on Paragraphs 2011 Publication Studio artist's book
COPIER: Horizons 2011 Worksound performance
The Mine King ongoing n/a commonplace book