COPIER: Horizons

Portland Oregon
with Lydia Rosenberg, Jin Camou, Morgan Ritter, Jane Zemel, Stephanie Simek, Ashley Sloan, Lucy Yim, Molly Radon-Kimball. Sound: Doug Theriault.

Nam quantumcumque utilis sit doctoris tradition, absque ministerio scriptoris ad noticiam posterorum nequaquam deducitur. Quicquid enim boni agimus, quicquid fructuose docemus, in oblivionem cito rapitur, nisi scriptorum studio litteris commendetur. Scriptores ergo virtutem dant verbis, memoriam rebus, vigorem temporibus.

However useful the findings of the scholar may be, they would never reach posterity without the skill of the scribe. However good our actions, however profitable our teaching, they would all soon be forgotten if the zeal of the scribe did not transform our efforts into letters. It is the scribes who lend power to the words and give lasting value to passing things and vitality to the flow of time.

Johannes Trithemius, De Laude Scriptorum Manualium, 1492