To heal a healing machine



Paimion parantola
Alvar Aallon tie 275
21540 Paimio

Anna Torkkel & Masi Tiitta, Anni Puolakka, Essi Kausalainen, Frank Brümmel, Harri Laakso, Hertta Kiiski, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Mikko Kuorinki & Lisa Radon, Tero Nauha

A set of interventions by Mikko Kuorinki and Lisa Radon as part of Parantola, an exhibition by Titanik.

How to heal the healing machine? To affect the recuperation and well-being of the building itself via experimental means at once science-based, pseudoscientific, and esoteric. Go to the core, to the internal organs, the system control mechanisms. Consider circulation, breath. Materials matter. Matter matters. And invisible things.

Alvar Aalto sited the Paimio Sanatorium in a forest of pine.