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Louwrien Wijers: Zeppelin Rooms

Zeppelin Rooms, the title of Louwrien Wijers presentation at Rongwrong, refers to both real and physical locations as well as speculative and mental spaces. The former house and studio of Louwrien Wijers (1941) on Herengracht 1, which she left seven years ago, converges with the exhibition space of rongwrong on Binnen Bantammerstraat 2 through a performative installation. The metallic canvas of a former zeppelin, which flew through the skies of Europe till 1919 and covered the walls of her studio-house, becomes a new skin activating the art space.

Louwrien Wijers’ practice is embedded in an ongoing engagement with writing, hospitality, and performance art. For her the act of writing and talking with different generations of artists is an artwork and a performative act. It is an act of the body as much as an art of cognition. In Zeppelin Rooms the body of the artist becomes entangled in other bodies and temporalities through language and the nurturing of artistic relationships. Within this context artists Philipp Gufler (1989), Richard John Jones (1986), Lisa Radon and Brenda Tempelaar (1990) are invited to share artistic interventions.

While a physcial location rongwrong becomes a mental space for chatting, speculating on the future, toasting to new and longtime friends and lovers.

Curated by Vincent Verhoef and Arnisa Zeqo.
Many thanks to Egon Hanfstingl.

October 5 – Opening of the exhibition / Bij Cosy bar*
October 10 – Lecture performance Speculative Frictions by Lisa Radon
October 19 – Study group on writing and performance
November 9 – Presentation by Brenda Tempelaar / Bij Cosy bar

*Bij Cosy is a new iteration of Bei Cosy initiated by Philipp Gufler and Richard John Jones in collaboration with Cosy Piero, Sand Murray Wassink and Laurie Cluitmans at rongwrong in 2017, somewhere between an exhibition, a bar and a costume party.

Zeppelin Rooms launches Season 1 of the Ephemeral Evidence** program at rongwrong.